In a world that is becoming increasingly digitised and consumed by digital media, print marketing and advertising should not be overlooked. The movement back to traditional buy- local and support the local community and economy is growing by the day. Gone are the days of people willing to rely on imports or larger global companies for their services, the consumer demand is shifting to the local, personal touch once more. For these reasons and more, local, community and traditional forms of advertising and marketing are making a comeback and should not be overlooked by businesses. To do so would be a business-critical error in your business marketing strategy.

In this article we are going to explore some of the key benefits to incorporating your local community magazine into your business’ marketing plan.

So, what exactly are the advantages in advertising in community magazines such as The Canford Heath or Creekmoor Link?

Credibility and Trust

Community magazines are credible sources of information for the local people and are widely trusted in the community. In a world where anybody, credible or not, can advertise on the internet, it is becoming harder for the consumer to trust what they are seeing is true and trust the company advertising is reliable. Community magazines assuage these feelings as their advertisements are more than just random pop-ups with no relation to the consumer, they are more like personal recommendations from a trusted, reliable local source. This kind of credibility and trust from the local community are what every business strives for and needs to succeed.


“Affordability” and “cost effectiveness”, these terms are music to any business person’s ears. It cannot be doubted that community magazine advertising is highly affordable, no matter what your marketing budget is. Our advertising rates start from as little as just £20! Moreover, each of our community magazines reach over 8000 homes. With the average number of people per household factored in, your business could be reaching over 16,000 people on a bi monthly basis, for as little as £20.

Targeting Advertising and Brand Engagement

Community magazines are delivered directly into the homes of your local community and more importantly, your target audience. Unlike radio, television or internet ads, our community magazine cannot be closed down or switched off without a second thought. Our bright and engaging magazines are enticing and engaging for our clientele. Consumers are more likely to skim through our physical eye-catching magazines and, as they do, they will see your trusted, local, community brand. This means that when the product or service you provide is needed our clients are more likely to recall seeing your brand in our trusted magazine and choose to use your service when the need is there.

So, with all these advantages to advertising with our community magazines, why wait?

Our team is available to answer any questions or queries you may have. Additionally, we can work with your business needs and marketing budget. To find out more or to request a call back, you can use our contact form, here.

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